Case Study

WCA ImplementsAdvanced Practice Managerto Enhance ServiceDelivery and Control

We designed a consolidated practice management solution for WCA. This is now developed as a standard product known as Manager360. This solution enabled the firm to modernise its workflow, introduce comprehensive controls and maximise its productivity and profitability.

Client Background

Wappetts Chartered Accountants (WCA) is a multi-award-winning market leader in integrated audit, accounting and financial planning.

Based in the Lismore & Ballina area, they specialise in providing taxation, auditing, accounting, financial planning, and business services to a diverse range of clients and industries.

The Challenge

As a modern accounting practice, WCA relied upon multiple technologies and legacy accounting practice software to provide services to their clients.

The legacy nature of much of this software together with a lack of integration created effective data islands in the practice. Achieving a single source of truth in a consolidated form was a major impediment. Spreadsheets were an essential necessity.

Considerable challenges were experienced in the areas of practice consistency and workflow. Process standardisation was difficult to achieve, and data integrity was routinely questioned. Furthermore, the controls for managing WIP and write-off were limited, which impacted practice profitability and staff performance measurement.

The Solution

BAC Partners had developed a core practice management solution based on the Microsoft Dynamics platform. This was used as a basis for WCA although substantially enhanced to focus on four components:

  • Client Management
  • Job Management
  • Billing Management
  • Performance Manager

First and foremost, the client manager delivers client insights. A comprehensive understanding of a client’s entities, demographics and legal roles yields a powerful understanding. This rich data can then be used to support growth activities in the areas of communications and marketing.

By breaking down WCA’s services, standard operating practices are defined for the provision of each service. These operating practices are enabled by workflows to ensure consistency and integrity during daily operations. This allows WCA to standardise and harmonise their business practices.

The definition of standard operating practices also supports time and expense capture. It is through this process that practice invoicing can be reliably executed with the full control of adjustments and write-off. Importantly, invoices generated in practice manager are automatically sent to Xero for collection.

Lastly, the performance manager component provides a solid analytical tool based on Power BI. Operational performance, time compliance, WIP management and employee recoverability are all included.

Key Results

WCA’s new practice management solution has radically changed WCA’s practice. Standardisation and harmonisation are the new-normal; technology fragmentation no longer exists.

The benefits of this transition are many and several. Key points include:

  • Creating a solid, unified base of client data to ensure consistent communications and focus;
  • The implementation of standard operating practices using workflow to coach and guide staff and ensure consistent activities are performed;
  • The improvement of practice profitability and a far better understanding of business and staff performance;
  • Extending practice capability by integrating scanning for inbound documents and electronic signatures for authority and document execution.

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