Case Study

Gunz Dental ConsolidatesProduct Informationto Improve Multi-ChannelMarketing

By implementing a Product Information Management (PIM) solution, Gunz Dental was able to collect, supplement and manage complex product information to control and deliver this reliably to multiple channels.

Client Background

Gunz Dental distributes Dental consumables and light equipment to Dentists and Laboratories throughout Australia and New Zealand.

The company has been in existence more than 80 years. During this period, the pool of Dental products has become substantially more technical, complex and far-reaching. Customer expectations during this period have also changed considerably. The business has had to adapt to these many changes and, in particular, their associated digitisation.

The Challenge

Historically, the tool of choice for the management of product information was spreadsheets. An ERP platform managed core product data, but only those attributes necessary to support ordering and invoicing. Certain products in the range require around 100 attributes to correctly define them. This supplementary information was held in a master spreadsheet keyed by SKU.

With around 30,000 SKU’s making up the range, management of this master spreadsheet became a major challenge. An over-dependency on specific staff complicated this further. One of the core issues related to the population of multiple marketing websites or portals. Each of these resources required alternative ranges, prices and product attributes.

The master spreadsheet became a significant operating burden. It resulted in update backlogs, missing marketing data and major maintenance differences in the recipient resources i.e. portals.

The Solution

Various Master Data Management (MDM) and Product Information Management (MIM) solutions were considered. Many Enterprise-Grade solutions exist although these were quickly identified as cost-prohibitive.

Akeneo as a global leader in Product Experience Management (PXM) solutions was selected. Akeneo empowers merchants and brands to deliver consistent and enriched customer experiences across all sales channels, including eCommerce, mobile, print, and retail points of sale. The initial phase of this project focused on the configuration of Akeneo based on the requirements inherent in the former master spreadsheet. Akeneo now powers Gunz’s multitude of eCommerce marketing websites or portals.

Gunz Dental now has a single source of truth for product management. The business can better handle its multi-channel marketing initiatives and sales activity from a consistent set of data. Akeneo has become the cornerstone of Gunz Dental’s digital commerce thrust. The project so far as already resulted in improved data quality and governance. This has already benefited eCommerce activity and will go on to help Gunz Dental reimagine how they handle promotions and communications in the future.

Key Results

The key results achieved from the initial stage of the PIM project are many and several. These include:

  • Creating an integrally sound product foundation in support of future sales and marketing activity. The business now operates a single source of truth for product information;
  • Improved quality and consistency of product data across all eCommerce channels;
  • Enhanced site and search results that more quickly guides consumers and grows Gunz’s share of wallet;
  • Created a platform allowing suppliers and data providers to collaborate on content and reduce the product maintenance burden;
  • Delivered an API-driven platform of product data to meet the electronic trade requirements of government and large corporate buyers.

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