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AutoNexus ModernisesJob Management toBoost Efficiency in theAftermarket Business

By implementing a custom portal solution, that controlled all fitment and warranty jobs across AutoNexus' subcontractor network, we eliminated manually intensive processes and improved their capacity to service customers in their aftermarket business.

Client Background

AutoNexus is a leading provider of automotive logistics and supply chain solutions in Australia. It is a subsidiary of the world’s largest independent international automotive retailer, Inchcape Group.

Through its premium aftermarket business, AutoGold, it provides tailored supply and fit aftermarket solutions, including automotive window
tinting and chemical protection products. This service primarily targets automotive dealers for their customers.

The Challenge

A function of AutoGold is to manage the scheduling of fitment and warranty jobs through their AutoGold Car Care team. Internally, they schedule on average 70 bookings a day utilising a national network of subcontractors across 25 sites.

With this system, it was common for job schedules to change on the fly. Unfortunately, this challenge was compounded, given that the team was reliant on spreadsheets to run its day-to-day business. This dependency consumed a lot of their time and exposed their data to both errors and redundancies. But, more importantly, it also made them rigid in responding to changing schedule requirements.

Another pain point for AutoGold was their reliance on manual forms to facilitate job sign-offs from subcontractors before payment. This process resulted in substantial manual overhead for the Car Care team since they were required to scan, save, and reconcile all forms against submitted invoices manually. Also, these same forms, as a result of this process, were occasionally missed resulting in subcontractors being pursued.

The Solution

We provided a solution that allowed the AutoGold Car Care team to manage the scheduling of work within the CRM platform while leveraging the data received from the ERP system. This was achieved by expanding the standard functionality of the CRM through custom configuration and point-to-point integration. For the subcontractors, we significantly simplified the process of receiving bookings and managing quality sign-offs via implementing a subcontractor management portal.

Key Results

The solution we provided added significant value to the AutoGold business and improved the satisfaction of key stakeholders. The improvements plus the reduction in errors are estimated to be worth $200k per annum to the business.

The most noteworthy outcomes we achieved for AutoNexus include:

  • Enabling a 360-degree view of all subcontractors activities from job scheduling, notifications, inspections, job execution, and approvals.
  • Eliminating the use of spreadsheets and manual forms which reduced administrative overhead.
  • Reducing the average job response time which then boosted the internal capacity to complete more jobs.
  • Increasing job quality which consequently elevated customer usability and overall satisfaction.
  • Improving the control over incurred costs in delivered jobs through better transparency over subcontractor billing.

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