Business Design Tools
For Stakeholders & Customers


Define your stakeholder groups

Personas are archetypes built after an exhaustive observation of potential stakeholders. Personas are based on a fictional character combining the attributes of a specific stakeholder social group. This covers aspects such as their social and demographic characteristics to their own needs, desires, habits and cultural backgrounds.

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Customer Journey Maps

Plot stakeholder emotions

Customer journey maps allow you to graph and describe the journey of a customer in terms of the different touch points that characterise their interaction with a service being offered. By observing these touch points, you learn how the customer responds to the interaction in terms of emotions and experience. This is used to modify behaviour such that a positive sentiment is achieved.

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Stakeholder Maps

Ensure stakeholder value

Stakeholder maps quickly let you create an overview of the stakeholders in your ecosystem. An overview many businesses do not have visualised or understand. These maps provide operational context and establish that value is being generated for all stakeholders. They help define a shared language, vision and set of prioritities.

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Network Value Maps

Understand your value ecosystem

Everything is connected to everything! Without seeing the bigger picture you can't understand the issue and therefore how to solve it. Network value maps help group and understand stakeholders, their influencers and the value shared within the ecosystem. Visualising value exchange creates a richer understanding of what value is, how it is created and ultimately how it is perceived by your stakeholders.

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