Strategic Design Solutions
Service Design for your business


Embrace innovation in your organisation

The process BAC follows is based on Design Thinking, Service Design or Human Centred Design. We call it Design4Digital. Design4Digital comprises four key steps:

  1. Discover - analyse and research your business environment to understand
  2. Define - based on an understanding create a clear definition of issues & opportunities
  3. Design - use a process known as ideation to generate possible solutions
  4. Delivery - prototype and select solutions for implementation

This collaborative process produces many innovative ideas. C-suite executives have become more interested in how innovation can fuel business transformation. Strategic Design is an ideal basis for this.

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We use workshops with multi disciplinary teams to find creative solutions to issues and opportunities within your business environment.

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Strategic Design Tools to leverage Innovation

We use a diverse range of tools to support Design Thinking / Service Design as part of our Design4Digital approach. Many of these tools are familar yet when driven by diverse, multi-disciplinary teams yield phenomenal results.

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The art of business

Our strategic business design process is well suited to defining organisational strategy. In particular marketing, resource, operations and digital strategies are key outcomes from this process.

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