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Design Integration

Design Integration applies design thinking to corporate strategy and the business model to deliver cutting-edge innovations.

Organisations that fail to evolve and remodel themselves to embrace technological change and contemporary business models, will see a gradual market share impact. Their prominence and differentiation will be challenged by those that do.

Despite the difficulty associated with introducing new paradigms and the uncertainty of their success, BAC Partners can assist clients to navigate obstacles to become more productive, innovative and competitive by embedding design-driven innovation within business strategy.

The process is based on Design Thinking i.e. it leverages a designer’s insight to apply creativity in a business context.

Read more about our proprietary Design4Digital methodology.

BAC Partners supports design integration to help organisations and Government develop strategy and capability to increase value through design and production of world-class, customer-focused services. Value comprises the following activities.

Deep Understanding

Promote a deep understanding of customer insights, needs and experiences. Helps challenge the business vision and purpose; and sets design direction.

Vision and Purpose

Expand the business vision and purpose with customers and stakeholders. Leverage customer insights gained during deep understanding.

Customer Insights

Map customer insights to all aspects of the business. Synthesise insights and create actionable outcomes.

Business Structure

Challenge existing business models and processes. Redefine them based on clear understanding. Improve value and capability.

Innovation Orientation

Leverage design to challenge structure. Use design to achieve innovation-oriented people.
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