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Digital Marketing

Digital marketing is a broad term covering marketing activities occurring through the application of digital technologies and media.

The world is transitioning into the new digital era at a rapid pace. Many tasks are now performed online. This diversity of digital domains increases the complexity of managing brand experiences. The effective delivery of digital marketing solutions has therefore become more of an acute priority. Increasingly, businesses are finding that they require a specific digital marketing strategy in order to engage potential customers. 

In addition to this change in media, the orientation of marketing activity has also changed. Rather than fighting for attention in an ever noisier world, it is more effective to attract customers through engaging conversation; noisy outbound marketing is replaced with focused inbound activity. Key themes in this transition are content, customer lifecycle management, personalisation and a multi-channel focus.

At BAC Partners, we support a number of digital marketing services to help clients operate effectively in this complex environment.

Marketing Strategy Definition

The creation of a strategic framework for all marketing activities. A structure for understanding your customer’s behaviour patterns and tendencies and defining how you act on them.

Marketing Process Design

The design of business processes in support of your strategy that promote achievement of marketing objectives.

Marketing Integration

The integration of content creation, publishing and analytics solutions to promote a focus on publishing the right content to the right people at the right time.

Marketing Automation

The automation of marketing actions. Simplify the task of nurturing prospects with highly personalised, useful content converting prospects into satisfied customers.

Growth Hacking

Identify the best vectors for growth through a rapid experimentation process applied to several marketing channels on a small scale. Leverage these opportunities to exploit at scale.

Commercial Chatbots

Emulate human agents through various communication channels to allow fast-paced, personalised replies to a wide range or queries or topics at scale.
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18 May

Effective Nurturing

Lead Nurturing basically means keeping a group of prospects engaged enough with your brand and offer while they make up their mind to purchase. This can mean more than just email lead-nurturing, although this is what most of the marketers think of when we talk about Lead Nurturing. I will, for the purpose of this post focus on email lead-nurturing with a slant towards B2B Sales and/or Sales meetings as an outcome. 

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