Customer Relationship Management

Customer Relationship Management (CRM) refers to software used to manage customer interactions. Customer engagements are used to record profiles containing key characteristics, which are then acted upon to improve business relationships, assist retention and drive sales growth. Customer interactions will span several touchpoints such as calls, meetings, web visits, social activity, chat, etc. In other words, CRM systems help an organisation to gather, develop and nurture information collected throughout a customer’s lifecycle.

CRMs typically include sales and service functionality. They operate in tandem with digital marketing solutions and draw on customer data. However, contemporary CRM solutions can generally support far more business functions through their flexibility and extensibility. Not only can customer relationships be managed, but many other relationships within a business.

Executed correctly, a CRM creates a strong, consistent process foundation to harmonise business operations. Customers can be managed through every interaction. Control can be provided in all aspects of a customer journey. Service consistency can be assured. 

BAC Partners has a broad range of experience across a number of leading software platforms. This includes SAP’s Cloud for Customer (C4C),, SugarCRM, Microsoft Dynamics CRM and Hubspot CRM. We have established partnerships with leading vendors to ensure current knowledge and offer our clients choice.

BAC Partners can assist you to select a fit for purpose CRM solution and then implement it. We also provide a service to help clients breathe new life into existing implementations.


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CRM Focus

What is your focus for a CRM solution? To store customer facts or to drive increased sales volume, improved customer experience and stronger communication? The financial returns or value to an organisation from a CRM solution depends entirely on action or engagement. Simply collecting customer facts, whilst interesting, delivers only a low value return. Real value is achieved when action is taken using the gathered facts to close a new deal, resolve a potential issue, etc.

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