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Business Intelligence or BI is a common term for several technologies including data warehousing, data mining, dashboards, analysis and general reporting. When correctly implemented, a BI solution can assist in making informed, actionable business decisions.

BAC Partners has deep experience in providing BI solutions using mainstream products such as Microsoft Power BI, IBM Cognos and SAP Business Objects. Our experience spans several domains of business intelligence from constructing data warehouses, developing OLAP cubes to enable analysis and reporting across various user interfaces.

Fundamentally, business intelligence provides decision making capability to an organisation. Without it, reliance on data gathered from multiple platforms, manually consolidated from various formats is complex and error prone. Data consolidation and business intelligence tools are essential for business integrity and understanding.

BAC Partners provides business intelligence services across the following domains.-

Data Warehousing

Analysis, design and construction of data warehousing solution. Integration of disparate data sources to populate warehouse. Performance tuning of the structure to ensure speed and reliability.

OLAP Cubes

Design and creation of Online Analytical Processing (OLAP) cubes. These are a multi- dimensional database optimised for data warehouse and online analytical processing applications.

Report Development

Reporting means collecting and presenting data so that it can be analysed. It allows end-users to both see and understand the data, as well as act on it.
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