Make Decisions

This process follows the validate evidence phase of our customer experience process. The client will now have an unambiguous understanding of both the digital and analogue insights that were derived from our findings. The client is consequently in a position to design and implement tactical and strategic actions to improve client and business outcomes.



We refer to the implementation of strategic and tactical actions as an opportunity brief. Once the opportunities are defined and understood, we can group these into a portfolio of initiatives to eliminate the identified pain points. Process steps are shown below.


We define a portfolio of initiatives based on the identified opportunities. This considers the urgency and importance of an opportunity to set priorities and phasing. Budgetary considerations also govern this outcome.


Individual initiatives are defined that form logical clusters. Individual customer feedback can identify high-impact improvement opportunities and prioritise these for early action.


Given an an opportunity brief, we follow the second diamond of our Design4Digital methodology to establish a final solution design that meets the requirements and delivers improvements.

People & Culture

Once an initiative design is understood, we can assess people and culture impacts. This considers aspects such as culture change, process change, organisations design, performance management, etc.


Once we have a design with people and culture impacts, we then enter into an implementation planning phase. This is similar to any other project approach and in particular considers governance aspects.
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