Collect Evidence

It is difficult to understand your current customer experience without powerful platforms to help collect, measure and analyse customer engagement and feedback.

Understanding customer experience has become more complex through the increasing role of digital channels. To deliver an integrated customer experience across channels, devices and interactions, we must understand customer behaviours holistically. We leverage a powerful platform for customer experience analytics to visualise the customer journey, replay sessions, understand sentiment and behaviours generally. We complement this with a powerful tool that allows us to collect and analyse client data and understand customer feedback. Lastly, to create a deep understanding of customer sentiment, we can also apply an ethnographic study to observe customer behaviour and gather context.

A customer experience framework is designed to create a viable customer experience blueprint, ensure this tells a true story and that our thinking maintains a customer-centric focus.

We ensure you will be able to add and layer multi-channel insights from comprehensive qualitative and quantitative information across different sources — and put all of this crucial information directly into the hands of the front-line managers, and employees who impact customer experiences every day.

Develop         Understanding

Asking relevant questions engages your customers. An improved understanding helps improve experiences. We leverage research tools to remove barriers and collect the required information.

Collect             Data

Understanding customer experience across channels, devices and interactions is complex. We leverage a customer experience analytics tool to gather this data across key touch points and understand relationships.

Mystery         Shopping

Mystery shopping provides a unique opportunity to obtain unbiased information into the brand consistency and reach of your CX Program. It is a high-touch activity giving honest feedback.
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