Applied AI

Applied artificial intelligence (Applied AI) systems are rapidly evolving technologies that are progressively transforming the operations of countless problem domains.

Unlike conventional programmable systems, applied AI utilises machine learning to develop “smart” systems that can seamlessly process information as a means of supporting or replacing human judgement without being explicitly programmed. Consequently, these systems can continually adapt and optimise their assessments by learning from their interactions with both data and their human counterparts.

As its name implies, applied AI systems focuses on the viable application of artificial intelligence in commercial environments. It is able to realise this objective through the system’s fundamental capacity.

Classify Categorical Information

Identifying customers that will subscribe to a new service based on browsing behaviour and receptiveness. Efficiently allocate campaign resources to these customers.

Predict Continuous Values

Capacity to predict lifetime value of individual customers based on purchasing history and demographic characteristics. Results define high value targets for pursuit.

Detect Anomalies

Determine customers that will cease doing business based on flagged behavioural patterns and purchase history. Minimise customer turnover by prompting retention efforts.

Organise Data

Dynamically determine personas based on demographics, purchasing habits and product preferences. Facilitate greater levels of personalisation based on this data.

Recommend Information

Recommend products customers may be receptive to based on preferences and demographics. Determine products to up/cross sell to targeted segments.
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16 Aug

The Customer Experience Strategy Imperative

- Customer experience is vital for company’s future success, how you communicate with your audience must be in a simple and straightforward manner.
- There are two ways to segment customers; either by using opinion based insights by drawing input from several people involved with the company or by utilising machine learning which mathematically identifies groups that exist within a data set that are reflective of the customer base.
- To accurately realise customer segments, leverage the established insights of opinion-based personas with impartial, fact-based clusters.

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27 Nov

Empowered By The Machine

Ever since early humans started making tools from stone, wood, and bone, technology has guided the development of our species through increased efficiency and capability.

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