BAC Partners
is a fusion of design to formulate desirable outcomes, business knowledge to ensure viability and technology to deliver feasibility.

Viable business solutions that deliver value and meet identified chalenges and opportunities Business Viability Modern cloud platforms that facilitate the delivery of solutions and the realisation of a design vision Technology Feasibility " x="135" y="229" width="267px" height="309px" /> Contemporary designs that are desirable and optimally meet the defined business requirements Design Desirability " x="234" y="200" width="75px" height="87px" /> The Fusion of complementary disciplines to maximize organisational value and alignment

Meet the team


Chris Hall

Managing Partner

Business design practitioner focused on a blend of business, design and technology to help clients innovate and transform services.

Heico Wesselius

Partner, Strategic Design

Over 15 years' experience in leading and advising world-class creative organisations in design strategy, design policy and the strategic value of design.

Bill Chan

Partner, Digital Experience

Over 16 years' experience supporting Enterprise customers with digital solutions revolving around IBM and SAP platforms.

Mike J. Projkovski

Partner, Brand Services

Over 17 years' business experience as a designer, focusing on digital media with an emphasis on user experience.

Dora Projkovski

Director, Brand Services

Over 20 years' experience as a designer focusing on branding and publishing.

Neville Foyn

Director, Microsoft Services

Deeply qualified Microsoft professional focusing on Dynamics NAV, Dynamics CRM and Power BI. Neville is a certified Microsoft trainer.

Brice Mingant

Director, Architecture

Systems architect with over 20 years' experience in information technology. A strong focus on Enterprise clients and a background in product engineering.

Warren Guillema

Director, AI Services

Certified AI and Machine Learning professional focused on the application of AI to drive business value and performance improvement.

Michael Candiloro

Digital Marketing Consultant

Digital marketing specialist experienced in the fields of marketing strategy, integration, marketing automation, analytics and social media optimisation.

Laurent Pernetta

Agile Journey Enabler

Agile Coach focusing on cultural and behavioural transformation initiatives enabled by technology.

David Watson

Account Manager

With a background in construction, engineering and safety, David leverages his management skills and his knowledge of technology to manage client accounts.

Creon Cambitzi

Operations Consultant

A highly experienced operations management consultant, focusing on performance improvement through operations and process management.

Em Coy

Design Intern

Em specialises in Human-Centred design and innovation. She is currently studying a Masters of Entrepreneurship and Innovation.

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